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Men sometimes confused about what to give to their beloved one, therefore horn necklace is one of the best answers that they might not think about. Do you want to give jewelry but confused what type of jewelry can be given to them?There are a number of tips for men to make it easier to find gifts for their girlfriend or loved one.

1. Choose what your female friends like, not what you want to see her wear.
Want to find something that women consider a gift that can’t be forgotten? “First love the woman, then recognize her,” said Nathalie Petitjean, consultant in Paris and former store manager for Chaumet and Tiffany. “Most importantly, listen carefully to the woman’s heart.”

Nathalie said the most common mistake men make is to focus on what they like. It was also a mistake made by most sales assistants.

“What you have to remember is that jewelry is made to decorate the woman,” he said. “Jewelry is an extension of her personality. A woman will always give you some clues about what she likes. ”

“Often, men buy what they want to see, not always what we feel is good to wear,” said Cynthia Ren√©e Zava, a jewelry consultant. Jewelry must feel alive and sensual in the body – not stiff and sharp.

Horn Necklace and tips on giving gifts to female friends

2. Pay attention when your girlfriend is shopping
Listen when women shop and buy right away if you are with them or come back to the store to buy the item as a surprise gift.

3. Give the woman something with sentimental value.
Choose a piece of jewelry necklace that has history for example the man met his wife in Paris about 20 years ago. What about bracelets that relate to the touch of Paris in the design. It doesn’t need to be expensive but has deep meaning and very memorable history.

Men often make the mistake of buying jewelry based on advertising messages, not something with personal meaning for the one who’s going to wear it. It’s better to order jewelry with horn necklace personal details or relationship reminders.

Choosing jewelry with special meaning doesn’t have to be more expensive than mass-produced jewelry and it will be far more meaningful and sentimental for the person who receives it.

Besides that, you can also choose based on your favorite color or color related to the city where you have sentimental value, for example, horn necklace orange for the Dutch country that reminds you of the beauty of orange tulips which are a characteristic of the country.

4. Look in the jewelry box. What you like most, look like what your daily style is.

Pay attention to what She wears most often, so need to study your partner. What does she like Рgold, white gold? What color stone, big stone or small stone? Is she a soft or strong woman?Horn Necklace  and Explore What Women Likes

Look at what she already has and think about whether you can really see her using what you think to buy for her. Most women boast of their unique taste for jewelry.

Don’t forget to consider the type of body. If she has a long neck, she will look better with long earrings. If she has a small head, she will most likely be suitable for something with a more refined model.

The tips above are important to be a guideline for anyone, but if anyone doesn’t want to make any mistake, horn necklace is the best answer.