Care the Horn Jewelry
The good way to treat horn necklaces can make the jewelry remains charming and sparkling. Well-maintained jewelry is like a treasure that needs special attention. Horn necklaces need regular maintenance even though it is not as complicated as gold or pearl jewelry.

How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry and Pearl

In addition to jewelry originating from horn material and freshwater pearl jewelry requires proper care. Although pearls are not fragile, still need to be careful in handling. There should be no contact with a harder surface to help prevent damage.

Please note that pearls are organic jewelry. To maintain the luster, color, and structure of the surface, it is necessary to protect pearls from the hot sun, chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray, lotions and sweat.

Corals and shell (such as mother of pearl, abalone, Shiva and others) are also organic jewelry and can be more fragile than pearls. Shell jewelry must be treated with the same attention as pearl jewelry.

Below are some care and cleaning tips designed to protect your pearl jewelry and shells.
These tips can be followed to treat other organic jewelry such as turquoise and opal stones. You need to know how to treat all jewelry with special attention.

1. Jewelry must be the last item you use and the first one you release after returning from an important event.

Hairspray must be used only before wearing jewelry, do not use it when you are wearing jewelry.Do not expose your jewelry to creams, oils, lotions, perfumes, and others.

Try not to use creams, oils, and lotions on the skin near the area where the jewelry will be used.
Not only can these chemicals permanently bleak your jewelry, but can also blacken pearl jewelry and shells.

2. Household cleaning products and chemicals are very dangerous for pearl jewelry and shells.

Periodic cleaning will return lost luster, dull and hollow surfaces.
Pearl colors can change even to black.

Do not wear jewelry while you are in a hair salon or spa service, bathing, washing dishes, working with chemicals, cleaning the house, doing yard work, engaging in sports or other strenuous activities, or while swimming in chlorinated pools.

How to Take Care Horn Jewelry and Pearl Necklace

3. Many jewelry cleaners permanently damage the appearance and organic structure of pearls, shells, and corals. After use, immediately clean the organic jewelry with a soft or dry microfiber cloth.

Soak the jewelry as needed using warm water with mild detergent-free soap and make sure to rinse it well.
Do not use a toothbrush or anything other than a clean, soft cloth on organic jewelry.

Hanged jewelry must be left to dry on a clean towel and the jewelry should not be touched until it is completely dry because silk-like material can attract dirt and stretch.

4. Save each jewelry item made of organic gemstones in a bag that has a soft structure and is far apart from jewelry and other hard objects.

Do not store pearls in a sealed plastic bag because pearls need moisture from the air to keep the luster and stay healthy.

Store the organic jewelry away from the heat.

Heat from the hot sun or near a heat source such as fire can burn gems and organic material and cause discoloration, split even cracked. Strong light can cause pearls to become dehydrated, and cause pearls to crack.

5. Pearls and other strands of gemstone must be trimmed every year if used regularly.

Strands that are loose must be stretched. This is the stage on how to take care the horn jewelry and pearl jewelry.